Countries Expertise: Indonesia

“The rules are intended to promote greater community involvement in the management of criminal justice specifically in the treatment of offenders as well as to promote among offenders a sense of responsibility toward society.” (Fundamental aims of UN SMR for Non-Custodual Measures, 1990). This Quotation inspire me to dedicate my whole life to develope a more and more humanizing punishment in my lovely country, Indonesia.

My interest in correctional studies has been developing nearly fourty years ago before I graduated from undergraduate program in Criminology at the Universitas Indonesia, when for the first time I were invited by the program to be an assistant lecturer in Penology. After finishing college in early 1982 with a degree in Criminology, I begun graduate work in Sociology (of Law) and (Legal) Anthropology. The topik of master’s thesis I choose was focusing on criminal justice system as a social institutions. My first (1989) doctoral dissertation (unfinished) was a study of dispute settlement in rural central Java. My second (2014) doctoral proposal dissertation (unfinished) was about Prison Reform in Indonesia.

Visiting in and doing research about prison and correctional institutions around Indonesia and abroad offently carried out to update my knowledge. In 1994, when I was the Chief of The Departemen of Criminology, with my six undergraduate students visited prison in Tokyo Japan. With more than 40 Prison Management Master Program Students, we visited prison in Hongkong in 2003. Comparative study was our intention to conduct such visits. One of the latest field research concerning inmates correctional program was an evaluation research in 5 prisons at South Sulawesi province. Developing network and mutual relations with correctional government officers was resulted one among others in the human resources development of prison officers by establishing Graduate Program in Prison Management at the Universitas Indonesia (2002-2007). We, Universitas Indonesia and The Indonesia Goverment responsible for Prisoner affairs, are currently (2019) about to agree to reopen (in the near future) such a program so that Indonesian correctional officers would be able to contribute to achieve the fundamental aims of UN SMR for Non-Custodial Measures quoted above. (Johannes Sutoyo).