Edited By Ioan Durnescu, James M. Byrne, Benjamin J. Mackey, Faye S. Taxman

The Routledge Handbook on Global Community Corrections assesses and analyzes the status of community corrections systems around the world, highlighting inter-regional and intra-regional variations in their design, implementation, and impact on policy and practice. Covering both probation and parole, this handbook brings together leading international experts to examine the myriad of systems developed under the broad heading of community corrections to manage community corrections populations at the pre-adjudication, adjudication, and post-release stages. Chapters are designed to consider the following questions:

  1. How many offenders are placed in community corrections systems around the globe?
  2. What are the key design features of these community corrections systems?
  3. What do we know about the effectiveness of community corrections within and across global regions?

This is an essential reference text for all those engaged with community corrections, probation, and post-release policy in criminal justice.

Table of Contents