Headshot photo of Sean Byrne

Sean Byrne is responsible for identifying all new content for our Global Community Corrections Resource data base. He is currently a doctoral student in the English department at Claremont Graduate University. Sean received a BA (2023) and MA in English and American Literature (2024) at Boston University. His research centers around 19th and early 20th century novels, with a focus on the relationship between Temperance, Prohibition, and Literature. He is also interested in exploring the impact of literature on the public’s view of scam artists. Sean currently serves as the Managing Editor of Victims & Offenders: An International Journal of Evidence-based Research, Policy, and Practice, and as guest editor for a special issue of the journal on scams (2023), which has also been released as an edited book, Scams, Cons, Frauds, and Deceptions: Online and In-Person Victimization Schemes(Routledge, 2024). https://www.routledge.com/Scams-Cons-Frauds-and-Deceptions-Online-and-In-person-Victimization-Schemes/Byrne-Byrne/p/book/9781032756455